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DJ MAKossa lives for the funk. 13+ years, thousands of records and hundreds of gigs later, MAKossa shows no signs of slowing down. Specializing in funk, soul, reggae and hip-hop, MAKossa is constantly searching for that perfect groove. Whether it is founding the legendary rare psychedelic night AFREAKA! in San Francisco or bringing the funkiest crew of DJs on the West Coast together to form the Funky Rewind, MAKossa is dedicated to enforcing quality control over the immensely growing want-to-be DJs that the digital music age has spawned. In 2012, he founded the Bump&Hustle at Blank Space in St. Louis, which is often called the best funk and soul party the city has ever seen.

An "old soul" of sorts, favoring vinyl and analog production gear, MAKossa does not however shun new styles emerging out of hip-hop's roots.

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